PWX has a new water-friendly eco-friendly home in Bangalore

The Peer Water Exchange finds a new home in a community appropriately named Laughing Waters.

PWX now operates out of one the most operationally eco-friendly buildings in Bangalore.

The building runs on solar power (18 photo-voltaic solar panels) and there are two cascaded solar water heaters.

The water system is the most interesting and features:

  • – a 17,000 liter underground rainwater harvesting tank

  • – a biosand filter for drinking water

  • – four recirculation/reuse systems to maximize use and reuse of water

  • – bathrooms featuring 4 input water lines: drinking water, regular water, hot water, and grey water

  • – a grey water system from the washing machine that goes to flush the toilets

  • – grey water systems for irrigation of roof garden.

The first piece of ‘furniture’ purchased was a composting bin!

Then 12 trees were planted, 9 of them fruit trees.

PWX-central is trying to walk the talk and also providing carbon offsets to Blue Planet Run.

Of course you can track down PWX-central on the PWX map!

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